The Best Tailgating Snacks

Looking for the best tailgating snacks?

Are you a fan of beef jerky and the USC Trojans?

If so, you have made it to the right place. Welcome to Game Day SnacksThe best snacks for your next tailgating party. Whether you’re tailgating at the game or staying at home, our game day snacks are perfect for your fan friends. Leave a lasting impression when you have these for your friends to take home.

The best tailgating food you consume should have the best team on the package. Your team. Our beef jerky is crafted from 100% all natural beef, seasoned using only the finest spices, then slowly cooked, ensuring they are the tastiest and most tender game day snacks you will find.

What is a better surprise than beef jerky from your favorite team?

All natural beef and quality ingredients make up our game day snacks. You’ll be sure to score big with your taste buds. We call our beef jerky steak snacks because our beef jerky is softer and more tender than traditional beef jerky. No need to worry about cracking a tooth here.

There is no other beef jerky out there that is branded with your favorite college sports team. The epitome of being a college sports fan. Tailgating with snacks from your favorite schools. Whether you are having a party at your home, at your favorite bar downtown, or at the stadium having the time of your life, our beef jerky is perfect for any college sports occasion.

For a unique experience and to impress your friends, bring our beef jerky to game day.

Show your spirit and feed your swagger by purchasing your Trojan Steak SnacksThat’s one purchase you won’t regret.

Because true fans love our snacks and take pride in representing their team as they enjoy beef jerky.

Fight On!

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